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Re: open source stompbox--looper?

Sean Echevarria schrieb:
> Open source doesn't mean cross-platform...

Normaly it does, because you can take the code and port it yourself.
Open source usually means you can download the source. I haven't seen 
any source or schematic of the box or the windows program on the web 
site though (or anything to download...)

It might be an open platform, and he wants users to contribute open 
source patches. The box itself doesn't seem open yet...
But it's in the very beginning of the project, setting up a web site 
isn't easy either...

Pd is open source, Max is not. But you get open source patches for Max 
(like my St.ools...)

OpenStomp is a trademark, its a normal commercial project. I wish it 
will fly off, but I am not sure how much you could actually do with a 
couple of 80MHz cores and 1.5 Mbyte of RAM. Sounds a bit lame for me...


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