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Juana Molina

   After checking out a number of  Juana’s you tube performances,   I was struck by how pure her musical vision was. Very emotionally direct, and simple in the best sense of the word..  She struck me as person very in touch with her muse with a fearless sense of exploration. How many artists besides Iggy  Pop do you know that can start barking and yipping like a dog as she does at the end of El Perro, from a Santiago, Chile concert that is on youtube , and actually not make it seem contrived, or posturing, and completely work in the context of the song.  She also has an ace in the hole with her comedy chops. Though I am not fluent in Spanish, I t was obvious from her between song banter in one performance that she was cracking everyone in the room up, and had been since she hit the stage.  She has a wonderful sense of sound design, a lovely voice with great character, good songs, and she’s a skilled  looper. I’m smitten.