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Re: open source stompbox--looper?

> But to call it "open source" is a little disingenuous ... no Linux  
> or Mac support for the development tools? Pfeh! No MIDI? No real USB?

For the record, "open source" simply means that the code is available  
to users upon request.  This box totally satisfies this requirement:  
the hardware is documented and alterable, the firmware is user  
changeable, and, on top of  that, the existing firmware is  
programmable. There is no requirement that "open source" work on a  
multitude of platforms.  The beauty of open source is that you can  
create a platform, rather than a finished product, and let the  
community decide what features are worth adding.
 From the FAQ, he says "This is a one-man project which resulted from  
creating something I wanted for myself and making it available to the  
public." This is one reason the double-ohs are cooler than the 90's -  
things like this simply could NOT happen 10 years ago!!!