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Re: AMAZING LIVE LOOPING SHOW: Argentina's Juan Molina in SF

A person who really helped her to gain more audience was David Byrne,  
a few years ago he asked her to open his shows. It was then that she  
began to get noticed.

Best from Argentina,


El 14/08/2008, a las 23:30, Rick Walker escribió:

> Kris wrote, about Juana Molina
> "You should bring her to Y2K9, Rick."
> Oh,  I wish, Kris,  but she just sold out Yoshi's in San Francisco  
> at $20 ahead
> and the next time she comes she'll sell it out at $30 ahead after  
> the buzz from the
> audience (who gave her a standing ovation at the end of the show).
> She is a very well known international artist in the hispanic world  
> and flies all over the
> world making good money so she's well out of our league.
> She's also in a funny position that an urban center (which draws on  
> 3 million people)
> can bring her to play for 500 people but, in a town like Santa Cruz,  
> she is not known
> in the slightest and we could not get enough people to come to her  
> show to make it
> financially worth her while to come play the festival.
> I've produced new wave, experimental, avante garde, world music  and  
> looping shows for
> over 25 years now, and I have a very strong sense of what works and  
> what doesn't in
> this odd little town:   one that is very culturally strong and  
> sophisticated but still
> can only draw from a pool of about 50,000 people.
> The fact is that, for better or worse, this festival loses money  
> generally speaking
> and I"m only able to barely cover a couple of headlining artists'  
> transportation costs
> with the generous donations we've received from the Looping Software  
> people.
> This year, the economy is so bad that I don't have nearly the yearly  
> donation funds to put the festival
> on as I did last year.
> LOL,  is anyone rolling in enough dough in their lives that they  
> might want to contribute
> a thousand bucks or two to the festival this year?   We could really  
> use it.
> Last year I actually paid my staff for the very first time in our  
> history, and
> we're STILL asking people to both come to the festival and play on  
> their own dime.
> It's testimony to how strong and involved our community is that this  
> festival is
> so strong and creative every year.   We run it on fumes,   trust me!!
> yours,  Rick