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Re: open source stompbox--looper?

> I'm really looking forward to any first reports from a looper!
>         Rainer

Yeah me too... I thought this was real interesting... Im not sure if
really NEED another stomp box looper, however, to be able to build
something that worked with your loopers, is what I have dreamt of.
I was intrigued by the Chameleon for a while, till I heard it had not
enough DSP power.. this seems hefty however.. 8 processors?? But I
agree with Dennis, no midi??? Whos this for really, I mean you are not
gonna get this if you want a fuzzbox.. You probably want something

I just wrote this on the open stomp forums (I was first post actually 

"Is this for making fuzz boxes (I can do that with a handful of
components) or is possible to create audio buffers that grab the
audio, chop it up into small random pieces and send it spirally off in
various spatial directions, while maintaining correct scales?

Or an audio Vortex, which sucks the sound out of things, and sends it
back, not backwards, thats normal, but upside down???"