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Re: AMAZING LIVE LOOPING SHOW: Argentina's Juan Molina in SF

Kris wrote, about Juana Molina
"You should bring her to Y2K9, Rick."

Oh,  I wish, Kris,  but she just sold out Yoshi's in San Francisco at $20 
and the next time she comes she'll sell it out at $30 ahead after the buzz 
from the
audience (who gave her a standing ovation at the end of the show).

She is a very well known international artist in the hispanic world and 
flies all over the
world making good money so she's well out of our league.

She's also in a funny position that an urban center (which draws on 3 
million people)
can bring her to play for 500 people but, in a town like Santa Cruz, she 
not known
in the slightest and we could not get enough people to come to her show to 
make it
financially worth her while to come play the festival.

I've produced new wave, experimental, avante garde, world music  and 
shows for
over 25 years now, and I have a very strong sense of what works and what 
doesn't in
this odd little town:   one that is very culturally strong and 
but still
can only draw from a pool of about 50,000 people.

The fact is that, for better or worse, this festival loses money generally 
and I"m only able to barely cover a couple of headlining artists' 
transportation costs
with the generous donations we've received from the Looping Software 

This year, the economy is so bad that I don't have nearly the yearly 
donation funds to put the festival
on as I did last year.

LOL,  is anyone rolling in enough dough in their lives that they might 
to contribute
a thousand bucks or two to the festival this year?   We could really use 

Last year I actually paid my staff for the very first time in our history, 
we're STILL asking people to both come to the festival and play on their 

It's testimony to how strong and involved our community is that this 
festival is
so strong and creative every year.   We run it on fumes,   trust me!!

yours,  Rick