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Re:FC-300 / LP1

hmm...also if it could somehow read the patch screen information of the 
boss GT-PRO it would be cooool!


--- On Tue, 8/12/08, Sjaak <tcplugin@scarlet.be> wrote:

> From: Sjaak <tcplugin@scarlet.be>
> Subject: Re:FC-300 / LP1
> To: "Loopers-Delight" <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Date: Tuesday, August 12, 2008, 8:30 AM
> > do you know if you can edit the program change messages
> sent in
> > standard mode? for example if the bank number display
> says 01, you
> > can have the program change message be 23 (instead of
> 01). i don't
> > own an FC300 but i've been trying to figure this
> out from the manual.
> Hi Zoe,
> I'm back again. I checked a few things but as I
> expected you can't change the corresponding program
> change number itself in standard mode.
> The good news is that the FC-300 has 4 modes including the
> very powerful patch mode. This is where the FC-300 shines
> imo if you need flexibility and I think this mode offers
> what you want.
> - User definable patch names
> - Patch ON and OFF commands, including program change
> - CTL pedal ON and OFF commands, including program change
> - The EXP pedals and EXP pedal switches can be assigned to
> up to six (!)messages to be transmitted
> - You can also assign one message to be transmitted to each
> of the pedals
> connected to the rear panel’s EXP PEDAL/CTL jacks and
> FC-300’s CTL pedals.
> - The midi channel is user definable per CC or PC message,
> so you are able to control multiple devices on different
> midi channels.
> I have used patch mode myself, it works very good. However,
> I'm currently using a combination of standard mode and
> control mode to control an LP1. The LP1 can execute 8
> functions per program change or control message, so you can
> program it to do multiple things with the same CC or PC
> message.
> With standard mode I select the track number on the LP1, so
> patch 1 = track 1, patch 2 = track 2 etc. I only have to
> look at the floor to the FC-300 to see my current track.
> Just to be sure :)
> With the control mode I have 12 control pedals and 2
> expression pedals to control the usual looper features such
> as start, stop, rec, half speed, reverse, undo etc.
> I also use 1 external but small control pedal to switch the
> FC-300 from standard to control mode and back to standard
> mode. I'm not using the external inputs of the FC-300,
> but you can connect 6 additional CTL pedals or 3 expression
> pedals. Combinations are possible to.
> Hope this helps
> ---
> Sjaak
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