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Re: Line 6 JM4,M13 from Bill Walker

 My dismissal of the backing track concept has more to do with my own hopes that the new Line six Jam product was more of a straight ahead looper with more memory,  features,  and midi sync capability so I could jam with my real ( not canned) Loop pals in sync. Obviously I already have that capability with the LP-1, I just had hoped some one would do it in a floor box size unit, and it’s obvious from my latest reply that the RC-50 won’t be doing that anytime soon. Here is the reply:

 “Hello William,

The syncing feature on the RC-50 is intermittent. We alerted Roland/BOSS Japan to this, but have not heard if or when they are planning to release an update for it in the future. 



Roland Product Support”


  Actually, I’m glad line 6 went to the trouble to get real musicians to play backing tracks. I have nothing against things like the GDEC for that matter, if they help and encourage someone to play more and hopefully get better. I realize they are targeting a much different market than me, more of the beginner entry level or weekend jammer type person.  I wish I was lord and ruler of the loop technology universe and people like the Roland Corporation would actually listen to me, take my suggestions, and build loop products that would keep all of you, newbie or expert, happy as little girls, or boys, and singing my praises for ever, as you enjoy my highly intuitive, expertly crafted, and incredibly full featured loop products. The fact that the M13 includes many of the improvements to the DL-4 that people on this very list have wished for, gives me hope that at least they are listening to there public. Perhaps they are re tooling to create a second generation DL-4. Incidentally, the M-13 is a little wider than a standard large line 6 modeler and a little over twice as deep, and about as heavy as two L6 modelers.