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Re: OT: DIY Music Room sound-proofing

^|>^m schrieb:
> I'm looking for suitable materials, not schematics... i.e. egg crate 
> mattress foam; molds filled with foam; or pad material of some sort.  
> Any stories, attempts, or practical experiences appreciated.  Gratsi!

You name it all, It's not that complicated. I sound proofed a small 
cellar with way too low ceiling astonishingly well with a bunch of 
leftover foam I got for nothing. If the room is small, get as little 
reverb as possible, and do all wanted reverb electronically. A single 
slightly reflecting wall in the back isn't bad though...
You need thicker material to get rid of low end resonances/reflections, 
put a mattress rolled up into a corner as a bass trap. There is no need 
to get a flat response, just dampen it as good as possible...


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