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Setting up Good Monitoring for Live Rhythm Section -- Ideas on Adrian Belew's Rig?

Esteemed Loopers:

I've asked questions before on the listserv regarding live looping with 
other musicians, and have pretty much decided the best way is to assure 
the drummer and the bassist (and the guitarist/looper) clearly hear the 
loop track. Adrian Belew apparently ascribes to the same methodology 
according to the June issue of Guitar Player:

"What tips can you offer for integrating looping into live performance 
with other musicians?"
"First of all, you have to have very good timing, because if you make a 
loop that’s the least bit off, you’ll have to erase it and record 
another one. The next thing is monitoring. You have to have a way to 
separate it out so that your bassist and drummer can hear as much of the 
loop as they want. We just began experimenting with the Bose L1 
system—which is an amazing technology—and if that doesn’t work out, 
we may go to in-ear monitors."

Okay, do any of you know how you "separate it out," as Mr. Belew describes 
it? I have a Gibson Echoplex. The EDP has one output. So, all I can 
imagine is having an A/B box after the EDP, so that looped signal goes to 
the monitors but not the stuff you play over the loops. But that's a lot 
of tap dancing (i.e., complete the loop, hit the A/B box before playing 
over it or overdubbing, remember to switch the A/B back before your next 
loop....). Any thoughts would be appreciated.