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RE: I/O was: Guitar Rig

> BTW, I got my extremely cheap copy of Guitar Rig 2.2 from here:
> http://www.softwarevending.com/...
> It appears that it's even legal...


Sites like this are rarely legal.  This one seems to sell only older
versions which makes their story about buying "overstocks and
auctions" a bit more believable.  But normally "OEM" software is
licensed for distribution with a computer or piece of hardware and
almost all OEM licenses forbid you from selling the software
separately from the hardware.


Here's a link to an article about this:




These paragraphs from their FAQ page seems odd:


  You get the full, downloadable version of your software. When you will
  download it , your software will be automatically registered to you
  and you will receive activation key, serial number or CD key necessary
  to activate your software.


Automatically registered?  Hmm, since they seem to be going out of
their way to avoid the work of shipping manuals and CDs why go through
the effort to register the software for you?


  Even though you are not able to register the product online you will
  be able to receive automatic updates of the most programs. When
  updates are ready to install you will see a popup window or an icon at
  the right bottom corner of your screen. Then you have to click on the
  icon and follow the instructions.


Hmm, I don't get a popup window or icon at the right bottom corner for
any of the other commercial software I own.  These are most likely
hacked.  You don't register because they've already registered the
single license they own and they're just selling copies.  The
"key" you get is either a copy of theirs or something that works only
with their hacked version.  The magic icon that notifies you when an
update is ready suggests this is also spyware sending messages back to
the mother ship to check for upgrades (along with who knows what
they've managed to scrape from the keyboard and display devices). If
you've got a firewall make sure you disable communication back to this