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Re: I/O was: Guitar Rig

Hi guys,
Thanks for the responses.  I'm getting plenty of signal to Ableton, and the
Alesis io26 has a 'guitar' input.  Getting the signal in and
processing/looping it is cool.

It's when I want to go back out from the Alesisi to the front end of a
regular guitar amp is where the sound is really crappy.

I've seen those 're-amping' boxes, that advertise that you can record
straight off the guitar to your desk, then reamp that signal later, using
your choice of guitar amps, rather than micing and being stuck with one amp
choice in the beginning, right?

Well, isn't bringing in a direct signal to Ableton and then spitting it 
out to a guitar amp essentially reamping?

What are those little boxes doing?  Changing impedance, I'm sure from lo-z
to hi, but are they doing anything else?

Are all you guys using full spectrum pa type amplification?  No one using a
computer interface with a regular guitar amp?

Thanks for all the info!

On 8/11/08 6:54 PM, "George Ludwig" <sfmissionman@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Even running in to a mic pre with the guitar signal, he's going to run 
>in to
> impedance issues unless the pre has a DI.
> --- On Mon, 8/11/08, Mark Smart <marksmartus@gmail.com> wrote:
>> From: Mark Smart <marksmartus@gmail.com>
>> Subject: Re: I/O was: Guitar Rig
>> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>> Date: Monday, August 11, 2008, 6:26 PM
>> Hi Rich.
>> Sounds like what you're describing might be caused by
>> not having the guitar
>> signal loud enough when it goes into the computer. I see
>> that the Alesis
>> IO26 can amplify mic-level signals. Are you plugging into a
>> line input? Is
>> there a trim adjustment on the line input to make it work
>> for the
>> lower-level guitar signal? If not, you might want to try
>> running into a mic
>> input instead.
>> Alternatively, if your guitar amp has an effects loop, you
>> might try running
>> the effects send out into the computer instead of the
>> guitar, and the
>> computer's output into the effects return.
>> I am using the AudioFire 4, which has two channels with
>> preamps, so I'm
>> plugging my guitar into those. It works well because I can
>> run my Copeland
>> hex pickup signals into those 2 inputs, and then process
>> them separately in
>> Guitar Rig using the Split modules. Very cool.
>> -- 
>> Mark Smart
>> http://cdbaby.com/cd/marksmart
>> http://www.marksmart.net