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Boss RC 50 sync issues

Hey Gang, The other day while doing a tech rehearsal for a trio gig, We were going about the business of checking our sync capability using Two Lp-1’s and RC-50. The Lp-1’s had no problem syncing up as long as the master looper’s initial track was recorded on track 1, and nothing was done to the initial master sync track in the way of changing sample rate or putting the track in to reverse, or replacing a portion of it. And the master looper had to use the sync record function and the slave looper used midi sync record. The Boss RC-50, however would not sync up to an incoming clock message from either LP-1. Since the guy who owns the machine hadn’t really delved in to it, and the manual was not in reach, we ended up using his old lexicon Jamman that behaved like a champ. A few nights later I looked at the manuals on line (without an RC-50 handy) and as far as I could tell, it looks like you have to set the sync individually for each of the RC-50’s three tracks, and possibly a global setting as well. But I found the manual rather cryptic and they  don’t have the complete manual available for download anyway. Any body out have any success getting the RC-50 to recognize incoming midi clock? Help…please……I seem to recall some discussion about this a while back But I wasn’t paying close attention. The archives didn’t yield anything either Hmmmmmmm???