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Re: new looper

yeah, it goes along with "Guitar Hero" and all the clones, nothing wrong I 
guess. Probably a great practice tool for budding "rock stars". That is 
appeal of these phrase samplers like the new Jam man. It has a center cut 
for cutting out vocals and lead instruments so you can play along with 
favs. Kareoki ya know! Hence the lack of feedback control on so much new 
looping gear. But then I am an old school amateur.

2c worth,


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> (sigh)
> All it needs now is a big sticker that says "JUST FOR AMATEURS!" I
> can't be the only one who feels insulted by the idea of equipment in
> which the main marketing appeal is a simulation of playing with "real"
> musicians!
> I mean, yes, I'm an amateur, but ouch dude - I like to pretend that
> I'm *a little* original!
> Could it have a much more blatantly needed feature instead, like the
> ability to fade out after a few repeats so I can end a song
> gracefully? Apparently not.
> Bad Line-6. No paycheck for you.
> Matt Davignon
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>> Just spotted this.
>> http://line6.com/jm4looper/
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