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Re: I/O was: Guitar Rig

I use a Motu Ultralite. No problems. I used to have an Alesis  
Multimix. I don;t know if they use similar components, but I thought  
the Multimix was the worst sounding mixer ever. The pres sucked. I  
also dont use a guitar amp. The sound goes directly to full range pa  
speakers. Being a laptop guy, I run into skeptics all the time. I  
played a gig a few weeks ago using GR 3 out to 2 Mackie 450's. It was  
loud and awesome. The ability to temp sync everything instantly is  
amazing. I will never go back.
On Aug 11, 2008, at 4:05 PM, <thetoyroom@charter.net>  
<thetoyroom@charter.net> wrote:

> hi all,
> hope i'm not hijacking this thread too much, but with all the  
> recent talk of laptops, software loopers and now guitar rig, my  
> head is in a tizzy...
> so here goes.
> if one decides to use a laptop and software to process and loop,  
> what is a viable solution for I/O if you want to use a guitar amp?
> I've used a DL4 and a RC-50 for looping, along with my pedalboard,  
> into various fender or fender clones (i like that sound).
> As soon as i've tried to run my guitar into the computer (iMac G5  
> with Alesis IO26) into Ableton, and then back out to my guitar amp,  
> the sound always seems poor....stiff, noisy, lots of hiss. I've  
> always been so disappointed with the sound that i was never  
> motivated to get the looping/fx paradigm setup properly for my  
> playing.
> this is running my guitar directly into the hi-z input on my  
> alesis, bringing up the gain properly for Ableton, then turning  
> down the master in Ableton to match closely the same level as the  
> guitar plugged straight into the amp.  I can do direct monitoring  
> on my i/o, so i do that so i get no latency on the direct  
> guitar...it goes straight to the amp, and then i do the loops in  
> Ableton.
> I realize i probably have an impedance issue here by running the  
> output of my soundcard into a front end of a guitar amp.  But is  
> this the only issue?  Do i need a proper DI for the signal going in  
> to the sound card, and then an impedance changer for the output?
> I have plenty of guitar amps, and don't really fancy the whole  
> 'modeller/full spectrum PA' type paradigm.  I'm just struggling to  
> get a computer i/o to act like a stompbox pedalboard and rc-50  
> looper.  And every time i try i'm very disappointed with the  
> sound.  As soon as i plug into my pedalboard and looper into the  
> amp, it seems to come back to life.
> since there has been much talk about the echo audiofire 2 (which  
> seems like an ideal small interface) i've gotten the bug to maybe  
> try again, but i know i have enough equipment right now to  
> troubleshoot the issue on my desktop system before purchasing a  
> laptop and portable i/o.
> any info is appreciated.
> rich
> ---- Mark Smart <marksmartus@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I just got a copy of Native Instruments' Guitar Rig over the weekend
>> and I've been playing around with it running inside Ableton. WOW, so
>> cool to be able to do that with low latency.
>> I think I can replace my entire jazz pedalboard with the laptop. I
>> figured out that the "Sub" part of the "Harmonic Synthesizer" pedal
>> acts very much like the Danelectro Chili Dog that I've been using for
>> so long. Since it is based on the Electro-Harmonix Micro Synth pedal,
>> I suspect that Danelectro ripped off their Chili Dog circuit from the
>> EH. I dunno what is going on in that circuit exactly. It's not a
>> standard octave divider like the Boss OC-2, because the output  
>> doesn't
>> sound like a square wave. Sounds nice in Guitar Rig if you EQ the
>> treble off of it and run it through the bass amp module.
>> Also, Guitar Rig's "Tweedman" amp sounds just like the "Fenderizer"
>> pedal I built. Until now I haven't found any programs or other gear
>> that can make these two sounds, so I think now I can dispense with  
>> the
>> heavy pedalboards and use my Yamaha foot pedal to control the laptop.
>> I'm pretty excited!
>> I assume there are other Guitar Rig users on the list. I'd be
>> interested in hearing suggestions. I have version 2.2. I also like  
>> the
>> Looper module in Guitar Rig, but might not user it much if I am doing
>> the looping with Ableton.
>> -- 
>> Mark Smart
>> http://cdbaby.com/cd/marksmart
>> http://www.marksmart.net