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Guitar Rig

I just got a copy of Native Instruments' Guitar Rig over the weekend
and I've been playing around with it running inside Ableton. WOW, so
cool to be able to do that with low latency.

I think I can replace my entire jazz pedalboard with the laptop. I
figured out that the "Sub" part of the "Harmonic Synthesizer" pedal
acts very much like the Danelectro Chili Dog that I've been using for
so long. Since it is based on the Electro-Harmonix Micro Synth pedal,
I suspect that Danelectro ripped off their Chili Dog circuit from the
EH. I dunno what is going on in that circuit exactly. It's not a
standard octave divider like the Boss OC-2, because the output doesn't
sound like a square wave. Sounds nice in Guitar Rig if you EQ the
treble off of it and run it through the bass amp module.

Also, Guitar Rig's "Tweedman" amp sounds just like the "Fenderizer"
pedal I built. Until now I haven't found any programs or other gear
that can make these two sounds, so I think now I can dispense with the
heavy pedalboards and use my Yamaha foot pedal to control the laptop.
I'm pretty excited!

I assume there are other Guitar Rig users on the list. I'd be
interested in hearing suggestions. I have version 2.2. I also like the
Looper module in Guitar Rig, but might not user it much if I am doing
the looping with Ableton.

Mark Smart