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Re: Akai Headrush Reliability

Yes, I had similar problems with my DL4. In fact, I've had to open up the unit for 3 out of 4 of the switches at one time or another. The first one to go was the tap tempo...probably because it gets hit the most often. So I then re-arranged them so they would take turns.

One of them has completely broke. Another switch had a part missing, which was small cyclindrical, so I replaced it with a piece of macaroni which I cut in half with a razor blade (from a box of mac & cheese).

You may want to know that I am NOT handy or electrically inclined. The switches are mechanical, and no wiring should be necessary. You simply have to pay close attention when you open it up, to remember what goes where.

I did do a little digging, and Line 6 does sell the switch as a part, so perhaps Akai does also.

Good luck.