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RE: mac sound card with augustus loop

Thank you so much Per - I will pass your experience on to my friend. I'd forgotten how daunting it all is when you're new to this game :-)

Lop on

> There are two scenarios here.
> 1) If she already owns a mic pre amp that she prefers.
> Then she could go with one of the least expensive firewire interfaces
> that supports line level. I dare to recommend the Echo Audiofire2
> which BTW also has digital ports, since I sometimes use one myself.
> Over here I own a Presonus VXP analog mic pre amp with great filters,
> compressor and expander functionality and that analog box gives me a
> better sax sound than anything else I have tried. I used to bring it
> together with a line level computer audio interface but I don't do
> that anymore because it is uncomfortably big, being a normal rack
> mountable device.
> 2) If she needs also a mic pre amp.
> Then she could go with the little more expensive firewire interfaces
> that also offer built-in mic pre amps. I have an RME FireFace400 that
> is know for having good mic pre amps. But it doesn't sound as good as
> my analog VXP rack box mentioned above. Good enough though. There are
> some less expensive interfaces that also work well (MOTU Ultralite,
> ESI, TC Electronic Konnekt... and some more) but I can't recommend
> them since I have not used them but went directly for the FF400
> because of mic pre amp fidelity reasons.
> Since she is not planning to run the Pro Tools software I would advice
> her to not buy any of the Digidesign supported interfaces (M-Audio
> etc). They are very good with Pro Tools but can be annoying with other
> software. Augustus Loop is available as AU and VST, as far as I know
> not yet as an RTAS plug-in either (the Pro Tools format).
> --
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
> www.boysen.se (Swedish)
> www.looproom.com (international)
> www.myspace.com/perboysen
> www.stockholm-athens.com

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