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Re: More Videos, featureing Per and Rick

...great music and i really liked mark's camera work.....what did you use to film the sets mark?.....

Thanks!! I was using  a Panasonic  HVX200. recording onto P2 cards. I only wish i had had my 2 32 gb cards when I did the gig, as I had to delete a few things as I went along, no time to dump to the mac.

The Oslo gig was recorded at regular DV 720 576 PAL, but anamorphic (hence the squash that happens on YouTube) it should have been re-encoded before uplard to get the proper wide screen ration. The Gotenburg show (posted earlier by Per) was recorded on HD. But I re-rendered it to regular DV before I sent it to Per (and Rick, but I guess it didnt turn up yet mate?)because the HD requires a special codec (plus it wouldnt fit on a DVD ha ha!)