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Re: More Videos, featureing Per and Rick

In a message dated 8/9/08 11:26:50 AM, mark@markfrancombe.com writes:

rick walker per boysen  & tellef ogrim



i liked these second two vids the one posted earlier left some doubt in my mind......rick is the HARDEST WORKING MAN in loop bizz!.....his newest book "SHOWBIZ FROM THE SEAT OF MY PANTS" is going to be a great read, i've heard that it will be about IMPROVISATION.....:).....great music and i really liked mark's camera work.....what did you use to film the sets mark?.....reloading all my cds into my erased i-tunes (FUN) i have been relistening to a ton of loop music: LD COMPILLATIONS, CT COMPILLATIONS, and all the cds from so many talented loopfolken, now more and more movies, it's wonderful!.....what a party!.....michael

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