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Re: More Videos, featuring Per and Rick

Very tasteful kit playing, Rick. We'll have to hook you up with a jam with 
your good self on drum kit next time you're in Ireland.


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> Richard Sales wrote:
> "saw a couple vids and they are VERY NICE!
> Reminded me of the Dead's melt downs. All around wonderful. And how 
> that Rick Walker? Sheesh! I didn't know you played the tubs, Rick."
> Thanks a lot a for the compliment, Richard..................keep in mind 
> that you were watching me trying very hard not to freak out
> that I was unable to use my custom looping rig on the very first gig of 
> 8 week European tour.    I discovered after the gig that
> the phantom power button on my brand new endorsedment DTar mixer had 
> gotten stuck between on and off, negating the entire signal
> of my whole rig......................lol,  never made THAT mistake again 
> for the rest of the tour.    Love the DTar, by the 
> and versatile
> and great sounding hi fi mixer with a tiny footprint.
> And yeah,   This year I am celebrating my 42nd year as a trapset 
> I've made my living for the last
> 30 years as a trapset drummer and multi-percussionist (with some liberal 
> doses of record production thrown in
> for good measure).    Though not my first instruments (I played piano 
> 2 years, cello for 6 months and
> clarinet for 5 years before beginning the drums)  the drums were the 
> instruments that I chose (instead of my mother or
> father) and the first instrument I loved.   I think I probably have more 
> technical skill on drumset than on any instrument that I play now (I 
> earnestly playing other instruments about 13 years ago and now dabbel on 
> dozens of different instruments).
> It's completely ironic that I got into my first national drum magazine 
> a 6 page article in DRUM! Magazine last summer)
> as a found sound/live looping artist and NOT as a trapset drummer.
> yours, Rick Walker
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