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Re: More Videos, featuring Per and Rick

Richard Sales wrote:
"saw a couple vids and they are VERY NICE!
Reminded me of the Dead's melt downs. All around wonderful. And how 'bout 
that Rick Walker? Sheesh! I didn't know you played the tubs, Rick."

Thanks a lot a for the compliment, Richard..................keep in mind 
that you were watching me trying very hard not to freak out
that I was unable to use my custom looping rig on the very first gig of my 
week European tour.    I discovered after the gig that
the phantom power button on my brand new endorsedment DTar mixer had 
stuck between on and off, negating the entire signal
of my whole rig......................lol,  never made THAT mistake again 
the rest of the tour.    Love the DTar, by the way.............awesome and 
and great sounding hi fi mixer with a tiny footprint.

And yeah,   This year I am celebrating my 42nd year as a trapset drummer. 
I've made my living for the last
30 years as a trapset drummer and multi-percussionist (with some liberal 
doses of record production thrown in
for good measure).    Though not my first instruments (I played piano for 
years, cello for 6 months and
clarinet for 5 years before beginning the drums)  the drums were the first 
instruments that I chose (instead of my mother or
father) and the first instrument I loved.   I think I probably have more 
technical skill on drumset than on any instrument that I play now (I began 
earnestly playing other instruments about 13 years ago and now dabbel on 
dozens of different instruments).

It's completely ironic that I got into my first national drum magazine (in 
6 page article in DRUM! Magazine last summer)
as a found sound/live looping artist and NOT as a trapset drummer.

yours, Rick Walker