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Re: New software looper

> Per said...
> Is anyone successfully getting live audio input recorded?

Yes, this is how I got it to work on my Mac.

Record a short .wav or .aiff sound file dosen't matter how long this is 
a dummy file.
Name it emptyloop and drop it in the Livid Looper sound folder.

Startup Livid Looper. Type 120, or whatever you want into the bpm box in 
Main window.
Although 120 bpm is what it shows on startup, unless I type this in 
it syncs incorrectly on my computer.

Open the Loop 1 window and select emptyloop from the popup sound menu.
Click on the > to the left of emptyloop and click the on button.

To the left of the Rec section select a measure lenght. Click the rec 
When beat 1 comes around again you should be recording. At the end of the 
measure lenght you
selected the sound file should begin to loop back automaticly.

> I can't find a way to set the tempo by the action of recording audio -
> is that possible?


Nice looper Peter.

It really needs a thru audio setting. I don't want to record everything.
I'm having issues with the defaults changing randomly on quit and restart 

Rick Williamson