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Re: More Videos, featureing Per and Rick

oh..... damn!  yes!!!!!!!  this is amazing! :p

< Reminded me of the Dead's melt downs>
you may enjoy this Grateful Dead album.  2 CD's of a montage of one song (Dark Star) over all the years... the only album to feature every band member!  Melt down was the key word there! :D     ^|>^m
Mirror Ashes
Transitive Axis

CD 1: Transitive Axis
Novature (Formless Nights Fall) 
Pouring Velvet 
In Revolving Ash Light 
Clouds Cast 
Fault Forces 
The Phil Zone 
La Estrella Oscura 
Recedes (While We Can) 
CD 2: Mirror Ashes
73rd Star Bridge Sonata 
Cease Tone Beam 
The Speed Of Space 
Dark Matter Problem / Every Leaf Is Turning 
Foldback Time

On Sat, Aug 9, 2008 at 9:47 PM, Richard Sales <richard@glasswing.com> wrote:
saw a couple vids and they are VERY NICE!

Reminded me of the Dead's melt downs.  All around wonderful.  And how 'bout that Rick Walker?  Sheesh!  I didn't know you played the tubs, Rick.

Sweet in all directions

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On 9-Aug-08, at 8:26 AM, mark francombe wrote:

And talking of videos, here are some more... Also filmed by me, (although not posted by me) also on Ricks Euro Tour...
These are:

rick walker per boysen  & tellef ogrim