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Re: best replacement for Digitech PDS 1002?

I wrote:

> You might look at a X series "Digidelay" I have one and its pretty cool. 
> And cheap.
> http://www.zzounds.com/item--DGTDD
> Actually I just got it out and it does not have a mix control. It has an 
> effects level knob. So once you
> make a loop you have to reach down and twiddle. Also if you step on the 
> button to stop it clears the loop. No feedback. 4 sec loop. Its cool 
> though tap tempo and reverse delay.

After playing with this again for awhile I remembered the (IMHO) best 
feature of this delay. With any delay mode and tap tempo engaged I put the 
feedback anywhere short of full, play and tap up to 4 sec.. Then twist the 
feedback knob to 100%, this engages the hold function. You can play along 
and it doesn't get added to the loop. Lower it to less than 100% and add 
more. I had to add a knob extension to the feedback control to make a "toe 
controller". lol