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Re: Just got this video into YouTube

>>Whats that attached to your headstock?
>> Sustainiac?
>> Jeff
> Oops, I forgot to mention that I use a Sustaniac C. It's the
> electro-mechanical sustainer; you clamp a transducer to the headstock
> that induces sympathetic vibrations into the wood of the instrument
> according to the string vibration. The feel, when playing with it, is
> close to the feel of playing at very loud volume, except for the fact
> that you are not able to "play the feedback tone" by modifying the
> guitar's position and angle in the air. A cool thing with the Model C
> is that it offers an effect loop to put something into the signal
> chain that feeds the string vibrations to the transducer on the
> headstock. The typical trick is to use a wha pedal in that loop and
> sweep the feedback tone through the spectrum of overtones. I have not
> gotten into that yet, since my feet and hands are already tied up by
> controlling the looping. But that's something I will definitely get
> dirty with in the studio.
> Per

Have you ever played with the Fernandes sustainor setup? It does have a 
harmonics mode
where it jumps up an octave. I wonder how it would feel in comparison. I 
love the idea of an fx loop on the sustainac c. Maybe an auto wah/envelope 
filter would help
to free up the feet.