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Re: best replacement for Digitech PDS 1002?

Hey Mike, yeah I loved my old Digi RDS delays and I had a couple of 7.6 
Time Machines that could do stuff none of the new ones can, but noisy yeah.

You might look at a X series "Digidelay" I have one and its pretty cool. 

Actually I just got it out and it does not have a mix control. It has an 
effects level knob. So once you
make a loop you have to reach down and twiddle. Also if you step on the 
button to stop it clears the loop. No feedback. 4 sec loop. Its cool 
tap tempo and reverse delay.

I use a Boss DD20 that has a level control for the delay, I love it and it 
can do alot of tricks.
Lotta other youtube stuff.  The LD site has some great stuff on it but I 
can't get into the site right now.

The Line 6 Dl4 may be what you need. In loop mode an expression pedal can 
control the mix. Half speed, reverse. No real feedback control but the 
expression pedal is a workaround. I can't live without this pedal! I use 
mostly for the delay models.
Also alot more video up.

Be careful though or you will end up like this guy (not me but close)

Anyway enough outta me....



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Subject: best replacement for Digitech PDS 1002?

>  I have been using 3 Digitech PDS 1002 pedals for around 15 years for
> looping and have developed my style around them, but they have gotten
> sooooo noisy (especially strung together) that I am looking for a
> replacement.
>   The way I use them is to fill the sample memory with silence then
> set the mix to 100%, then whatever signal I have going in is silent
> until i do a quick double click and I can grab a short sample which is
> all you then hear in the loop. repeat as needed.
>    Do any of the newer pedals allow one to do this? I haven't found
> many that have a mix control.  Any advice would be appreciated.
> Cheers!  -potpie
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