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Re: New software looper

Hi Loopers,

I'm Peter Nyboer, programmer for Livid Instruments - fellow San Jose  
resident (San Josean? San Joser?) Tim Thompson let me know there was  
some talk here about Livid Looper.  Thanks for checking it out.  For  
the mac people, I thought I'd let you know that there was a problem  
with yesterday's release pointing to the wrong file, so I'd urge you  
to re-download the correct version from
Sigh - these things are never as smooth as one would like!
If you have issues, and as a first release, I'm sure there will be,  
feel free to post them on the forums at
There's a lot that I put in here to make it good for live looping.   
One feature I'd urge you to check out, besides the recording, is the  
sequencers that make it really easy to record and stack multiple  
looped "gestures" (parameter changes) for each audio loop.  Things  
can get really addictive with that...

Finally, this made ME laugh:
>  The text reads like a PR announcement from a software company  
> marketing exec who's possibly never used the software himself...

I wrote that copy!!  I am glad to know that I can apparently wear  
both hats of designer/developer as well as clueless PR hack :)