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GIG SPAM: tonight in SF, looping at "low bows"

hey loopers,

i've had a nutty few days. since tuesday i've played looped cello for  
execs of the gap, for a creativity seminar, and for mark isham on his  
score for the "secret life of bees".

this evening i'm performing as part of "low bows" a concert presented  
by Pamela Z at the Royce Gallery.

there are 3 cellists and 1 contrabassist! lotsa lows...

Friday, 08/08/08
at 8pm
Low Bows
presented by Pamela Z
Zoe Keating (cello & electronics)
Alex Kelly (cello & electronics)
Damon Smith (cello & electronics)
Merlin Coleman (cello & voice)
(four solos, and Pamela Z joins for an ensemble finale)

2901 Mariposa Street
(between Harrison & Alabama)
San Francisco


thanks very much....loop on, zoe