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RE: whats the smallest midi controller???

>>Tiny? its called Faderbaby. But I am hunting for a Cooper faderbaby
since ages, out of production and nobody will sell it...<<

I met jim cooper at a trade-show a couple of years ago. he'll likely be
at the same show when I go again in a month- I'll ask him.

I have a couple of the behringer bcn-44 "nano-controllers" with the four
rotary/push controllers & four buttons. they are excellent value, & can
be programmed by their own front panels & simple display, but I found
the cases to be unnecessarily bulky & rather unattractive. 

my preference is for my three doepfer pocket controllers (they also used
to make rotary encoder & fader versions, mine have normal pots) which
are like baby versions of the doepfer drehbank. no switches, but.
they have 16 knobs each, & 127 presets stored on-board. you use a PC to
set them up, but once you have your presets built & loaded, you can
change which one is active by the DIL switches on the back or by midi
PC. they "through" midi, so that can sit in-line after a keyboard or
w.h.y. & be daisychained into each other. I phantom-power mine using the
spare ways of the midi cable & a REGULATED supply. (a normal wall-wart
kicks out too much hum & messes up the midi data). they can send
snapshots too.

doepfer (for whom I do not work!) also make these semi-kit things that
one can attach one's own interfacing to, so that a simple volume pedal
can be converted to spit out midi.



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