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Chinapainting set plus Tim Nelson from Five Knaves

Following suit to Dennis's posting of portions of the Five Knaves @ the Nave collaborative concert last weekend, I'd like to announce for your listening the posting of our Chinapainting set plus the segue with Tim Nelson leading into his set.  This was our format last Saturday at the Somerville MA evening that was pretty much a mini-east-fest plus one that hopefully will lead other movements from our LD community.  Actually on July 18th as part of Daryl's eastern tour, he and Michael held what was albeit a great night in the end for them but initially was a similar planned gathering of a few of LD members so hopefully this kind of energy will keep rolling to the one day arrival of a major east coast loopfest.
The Nave concert held in the suburban Boston Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church main auditorium was just a magical magical night that I can't say enough good about.  True attendance could have been better but for 5 of us coming together for the shared music making experience who only 2 of us (Daryl and myself) who had officially met it was just as neat in many ways as it was when we bridged the electronic identity of Chinapainting last summer, meeting ourselves.  With exception of Rob Byrd who was an outside LD acquaintance of Dennis's we all existed as members of LD through these wires so it was just very cool to come together in a great space, connect the names/faces/hearts/souls and do our art.
For me this meeting went a bit further in connecting, as I initially met Tim Nelson in my early days of My Space networking before I found my Chinapainting colleague and before discovering LD.  E conversations with Tim in the winter of 2006 led me to CT-Collective which led me to LD which led me to send an email to Daryl after reading his e article on analog tape looping and life in Mexico.  So yes the whole evening was like old home week, just a great time and it was so good to introduce Chinapainting to new turf in Massachusetts.  Little by little our journey goes...

So here's the link.  The format for the evening as I think Dennis mentioned earlier was our duo Chinapainting followed by a segue collab with Tim, then his set, collab with he and Dennis, then Dennis's set, collab with he and Rob, then Rob's set and finally an end of the night farewell with all five Knaves together.
www.chinapaintingmusic.com/production/Chinapainting_plus_Tim_Nelson_collab_Live_at_the_Nave_8-2-08.mp3 (@91 mg)
This is the beginning of several audio/video postings from Daryl and mine's Chinapainting mini-tour that was part of his 2 month long west coast/east coast solo tour.  It's been a busy busy week at my day job this week and I just finally got through preparing this posting so look for others from our tour in the next couple of weeks.  We did Chinapainting shows on July 26 in Brooklyn, July 27 and 28 in NYC and the Nave in Somerville on Aug 2nd.  It was just a great week and our 3rd live get together of what was initially a "virtual" only band 2 years ago.  It was so great to get together live again for these shows and we're in the midst of planning a 4th CP mini-tour in California during October, so getting very jazzed about that.
So again to my fellow lists folks out east keep the energy rolling and let's do more collaborative events.
Best to all
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