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Re: MIDI foot controllers Gordius

Hi Sjaak,

I was taking some time off at the time of your post, and I read you're doing the same right now, still let me post a few short remarks about what has been discussed :
- the Little Giant as desktop controller, controlled "by hand" - that's how I have been using it the last year, my fingers aren't blue yet ;-) The switches were specifically chosen for that (usable as foot switch and as "hand" switch), but of course that also means the controller is some sort of compromise, very compact as floorboard but then again way too big to be the ideal set top box.
- being guitar specific : the Little Giant was born as an extension to the UnO firmware for the FCB, which on its own was mainly inspired by guitarist remarks indeed (while it initially contained only what I needed myself, which were keyboard related bugfixes/add-ons, like MIDI merge, easy transposing, MIDI based sustain pedal, etc).  After that I tried to keep the Little Giant as "universal" as possible, but indeed this list and Andy's input more specifically were very helpful to integrate some looper-specific remarks. I find it very funny and inspiring to see the weird (non-guitarist) things which are currently being done with the controller, for instance recently by Bram Wiersma, who is controlling a (puppet) theater show with it (lighting, sequencers, video projection, MIDI streams containing scary chord progressions, etc.. :-)
- but one more remark which might be interesting, as I believe you are currently using an FC-300 : I'm about to order one myself and make the LG module compatible with it. Which means the small module can be placed on top of a piano, as an extension to the FC-300. You can see a setlist, and the single rotary button can be used to scroll through the list and modify the floorboard layout for each song. Of course switching on and off effects would still be the task for the FC-300 floorboard (I'm thinking of a way to display a stomp box status overview on the graphical LCD screen - might be very handy for this kind of setup)
- o yes, and one last point concerning a setup like yours: I'm definitely open for suggestions about displaying LP-1 info on the module display, if Bob thinks that's feasible/interesting without much effort on his side. This once was a very vague idea of mine which got buried in lots of other things to implement first, I didn't have a closer look at the LP-1 manual yet to find out if this suggestion makes sense at all, I'm sure Bob will stop me if it doesn't :-)

Enjoy your holiday!


Sjaak wrote:
K4XEL3$45D894E2D4727A1B4E42A33DAACE2861@scarlet.be" type="cite">
Hi Andy,
and in reply to sjaak
the Gordius Little Giant is aimed at Loopers as well as guitarists!
Xavier's been seriously taking on board my suggestions to this end.
I like the Gordius Little Giant because of it's midi capabilities but 
I play keyboards and I'm wondering if I could place it on top of my stage piano and use the switches without getting blue fingers! :)