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Re: "What Might Future Digital Notation Look Like?"

mark was not saying that electronica and metal are like classical in 
that they are scored/composed on paper; they are alike in that the 
sound/timbre really makes the music live.

At 2008.08.06 04:00 AM, Raul Bonell wrote:

>2008/8/6 mark francombe 
>  Even though classical music is often scored and is composed "on 
> paper",  just like Electronica or Metal or any other form of music, 
> it is the "Sound" or "Timbre" that REALLY makes the music live, the 
> "Sound" of the performance, as in a classical concert OR the EQ 
> /effects, and real tube amp distortion, in the other genres I mention.
>i'm pretty sure that colleagues i told before are quite against that.
>also not every metal is scored on paper, at least before the album 
>recording! ;-) after that, lots of publications put out the tabs and 
>scores .. nor do the electronica have a complete description when 
>written it down. have you seen the score for the tape in a 
>contemporary/electronica ensemble? it's representation is quite 
>vague, minimal just as a guide for the other performers in the group ...