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Re: "What Might Future Digital Notation Look Like?"

2008/8/6 Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com>

Very much of my own musical taste has to do with hearing things I have
not encountered before. Imagination of such sound is rare, but it
still exists! I once dreamed about a sound that I really loved to play
with (in the dream) but I could not for long time understand what it
was or how I should create it in the real world.

beautiful story... didn't you recall it?

but we, live loopists as electronic musicians/aficionados or whatever, have developed the interest for timbre, as a real partner in our "free" compositions... not for the academic classical world. of course, excepting those masters like tudor, xenakis, cage, chowning, risset (goes on) ... and their students and centres they created ....  who are the real legacy for the music of this century. 


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