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Re: Optimizing Windows for looping

Which reminds me.

Another good optimisation is to
select "No Sounds" for all the Windows system sounds.


improv@peak.org wrote:
> No way! At the end of our gigs, I'll often play the Windows shutdown 
> through my bass amp (1200 watts of QSC through Trace Elliott speakers). 
> always elicits a laugh. I do try to remember to mute the laptop channel 
> I have to reboot during a gig, though.
>> Oh, there is one thing I would do. Turn that damn Windows introduction
>> music
>> off so that it doesn't play when it reboots!  :) Wow. At one gig, I had 
>> laptop plugged into the PA, and turned up loud, and that Windows tune
>> shook
>> the house. /K Talk about embarassing.