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Re: "What Might Future Digital Notation Look Like?"

Interesting thread..
I must say that all these experimental Musique Concret Scores, and the Cage Scores and the Stockhausen scores that I have seen all seem a little silly to me, And when you hear the result, the score hardly reflects the piece. In these cases I think it was more of an intellectual exercise.

A digression:
On a related note (ha ha ) however, I doe dream one day to have the time to re-learn to read regular music. I could sight read as a child, during those imposed hellish hours of piano lessons, but now regret that I have lost that ability.

I ride the bus everyday to work, with 2 teenage students who get off at the Music Conservatory. (Not spoddy Cassic swots these two, one dreaded guy and his emo girlfriend) However they sit there, reading music scores (Today was Dvorák) occasionally nudging one another and pointing to particular sections, the other one will then lean over, read a little then smile or laugh or make some comment such as "cool", or amazingly... "Wow, that sounds great!".
If they are indeed hearing the music in their heads, for the first time, as one can see a picture in your head as you read a story, then I must say that this makes me so very jealous and does away with the nessecity to have an iPod, or ones hearing for that matter!