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Re: MacBook

Check out the Edirol FA66, it's 2-in/2-out (analog) firewire interface,
lists for about $300. A client of mine was putting together a home studio
setup, and I suggested the MOTU Ultralite, but his Sweetwater rep talked
him into the Edirol. So far, it works great, low latency, decent sounding
preamps, and no driver issues on either mac or PC. It's also very small,
and seems very solidly built. I'm considering getting one for my laptop.

> Thanks, everyone for the suggestions. I only need 2 inputs and 2 outputs.
> I
> wish MOTU made a smaller, less expensive card. But the Echo looks like a
> good candidate, I'll try it.
> I like Echo. I've been using an Echo Layla (early 20-bit version) on my
> home
> computer for almost 9 years now! It still works very well. If I could 
> its dedicated PCI card into a laptop somehow, I would!
> --
> Mark Smart
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