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Re: Six output guitar pick-up. Good for

how this would improve triggering for my oberheim matrix-100. was kim who used to like the matrix?... ;-)


2008/8/5 Matthias Grob <matilists@atarde.com.br>
cross talk must be big, so it would not serve for polyphonic distortion or attack dependent processing
thats why the previous polypickups like Roland GK2 is small and near the bridge - where it has little bass
thats why the good solution is piezo
Rolfspuler.com is going to sell his separately, eventually...


On 5 Aug 2008, at 11:40, Diatonis wrote:

Thank you for finding this.

I think it would also be great for spatialization in 5.1 or 3D.  The stereo mp3 did sound like each string was somewhat isolated.



I just noticed this guy that makes six output guitar
pick-ups. Seems
like a way more expensive option than buying a FireWire
guitar or the
Moog Guitar:

You should be able to use six loopers, one for each string.
That would
make the guitar + looper a new instrument that no one have
yet played.
Much less pedal tapping needed, as this looping instrument
would be
more like a piano, i.e. more options instantly available
for direct
playing. By playing the same note on a different string you
overdub it
into the next looper etc. He, he... playing that monster
looper would
demand more brain exercise than finger exercise ;-)

Exciting stuff! I once used a MIDI guitar for looping
samples set up
as one sample per MIDI Channel and string, but with this
pick-up you
should be able to do it with real audio (which IMHO is cool

Greetings from Sweden

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www.looproom.com (international)

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