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RE: Eddie Vedder: LIVE LOOPER

Liam is the son of Neil.

At 2008.08.05 08:40 AM, Goddard, Duncan wrote:
>" I saw Eddie Vedder....
>Liam Finn opened (and joined EdVed for two songs).   He uses tape loops
>extensively, playing drums and electric guitar on the loops.  His music
>is a lot more abrasive/noisy in regular live gig than on record or at an
>acoustic in-store.  While his voice and many of his songs are reminscent
>of his Split Enz/Crowded House/Finn Brothers lineage on record, he's a
>noisy indie rocker live and would probably win over a lot of people who
>wouldn't think they'd like his music."<<
>thanks for this, rick- most interesting.
>just one thing though- is the correspondent sure it was one of the
>crowdies finn brothers? only, as I recall, they are called neil &
>tim..... :-)