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Re: SYNC: plex as master

2008/8/5 Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com>
On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 7:41 AM, Raul Bonell <raul.bonell@gmail.com> wrote:
> does anybody come around to capture some kind of tempo map,
> from MIDI out of the plexi when used as master? ...

The Echoplex doesn't create tempo maps. It stays on the same tempo
until you change it, then it simply starts sending out the new tempo
right away (MIDI Clock, pulse or Brother Sync).

Yes. Which is a pitty since it stops the slave daw when creating a new loop on the fly. Must be a way of doing the plex do not send the Stopsong message, when I erase the first loop? Maybe I could ignore it with a filter in the daw ... Bidule

I recorded the beat pulse output on a computer DAW track when running
the Echoplex as master (Sync=Out). Then I played the computer and
synced the Echoplex to the audio pulse. It worked fine.

how? did you kept the clock changes? since it's this what i'm behind... 

> does somebody do this in ableton live?

I'm not sure you can record the MIDI Clock data.

But Ableton Live can
be synced to an incoming MIDI Clock stream. Live doesn't sync very
accurately though, because of the tempo smoothing.

I can do this in a live situation, just that i can't keep all the tempo changes for later post-production. let's say i could accomodate other tempo tracks in the studio. for instance, a reason groove, or whatever ... 

When I record with loopers and want good syncing to software DAW's I
usually loop first - with no sync, so the looper will spin freely. I
record the audio from that looping session and then apply the DAW's
time grid to what I played with the looper.

That's the only solution I think. Also, as appears in the plex manual, it's a good idea to save, anyway, the signal from MIDI out from the plex, so you can identify the record-stop, multiply-record (unquant. multy), unquant-inserts... et,etc, .. on a midi track.

There is no machine that
can do tempo sync as good as human hearing, simply because machines
don't understand music.

;-)  ... this is my per lesson of the day !
The machine has to wait until the tempo drifts
and then start making corrections - but for the listening humans the
musical feel has already gone havoc by then ;-)

I've been testing some slow tempos with the Garritan Jazz plugin and the drums are really smooth ... Live drifts a bit, and sometimes lasts a while 'til he founds a good (bad) tempo ... but no matter ...  quite often works, others no ... 

thanks per,

Greetings from Sweden

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