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Re: Optimizing Windows for looping

Excellent :-)

The one other tweak I'd do is 

Control Panel>>System>>Advanced>>click performance settings

Advanced>>> select "Background services" for the greater share of 
processor time.

..and while there
Visual Effects>>select "adjust for best performance"
(which is the last one in Per's list)

As I understand it, the audio drivers count as a background service.
This is the most often recommended tweak.

I think it might be worth mentioning that Asio drivers should be used
for the lowest latency.
If Asio drivers are not available for an interface, then there's
a utility called Asio4All which somehow magically transforms the windows
drivers into low latency Asio.

When buying a new setup, the only way that I know to ensure it's
going to work well is copy someone's existing combination of pc 
and audio interface.  

andy butler 

Per Boysen wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 1:35 AM, Charlie Milkey <pilotcp@gmail.com> wrote:
>>  Anyways, I like windows, but
>> I have an issue with all the background processes and all the extra 
>> windows takes up. Does anyone have any tips to fine-tuning windows so 
>> really all that runs is bidule and the VST's and VSTi's and nothing 
>> (or at least nothing unnecessary?)
> You don't have to go into system tweaks for a stable XP audio rig.
> Back in the days when Windows XP was new, many people looked into
> system tweaking just by old habit, since that had been the trick for
> making Windows 98 a much better audio system. My XP laptops for audio
> are stable and this is all I do to them:
> - Deactivate CD/DVD burner.
> - Deactivate all network hardware.
> - Turn off screen saver.
> - Turn off energy saving programs.
> - Set the "skin" to the least CPU intensive ("Classic" with no 
>animations etc)
> Do not upgrade Windows. Do not install any other software than the
> applications you need for the music rig. If some music software needs
> an online authorization I temporarily activate the network port to do
> this.