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Quickee Windows Laptop Looping advice sought from the Oldbies on this list

PC laptop live loopers,I would love to have your
advice about a purchase I'm considering for a laptop live looping

Tigerdirect.com currently has this laptop for sale:

ACER ASPIRE 5520=5156 notebook PC  with
AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile TL-56 processor
250GB Harddrive,
2GB of DDR2 memory
15.4 inch WXGA (1280-800 resolution)
Widescreen display
NVIDIA GeForce graphics
and high Speed  DVD Burner

It comes with Windows Vista Home Premium OS but
I'd switch that out with a WIN XP Service Pack 3 system.

The whole thing is $599.

Can I use this with impunity for a live looping situation
running Plogue Bidule and Mobius (until Matthias Grob releases
the official version of the EDP-V  software that he's been working on)?

Mac guys,   thanks for your expertise but I don't want to be talked out
of running a Windows system for this particular laptop setup. And yes,
I know about all of the evils of Windows and all the salient reasons why
I'd be a fool to buy a Windows laptop.

I actually already have a Mac Book Pro with the overly pricey heavy weight
graphics card in it but I need two laptops..........one to run
real time ineractive video graphics and one to run my looping apps.

And I would only run audio on this computer with no internet connection 
whatsoever, EVER!!!!

Any advice or cautions would be appreciated.
This is stupid cheap.  I"ve never seen anything with this many options
for so little.

At the same time I don't know if the AMT Turion Dual Core processor will 
good solution for real time audio manipulation.