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Eddie Vedder: LIVE LOOPER

This just in from a guy on the Guided By Voices forum that my wife is on:

" I saw Eddie Vedder Friday night.

.... he performed a nice mix of songs from his soundtrack album (Into The 
Wild), PJ songs, and covers.  He did James Taylor's "Millworker," and 
totally cast a song by someone whom I dismiss in another light entirely.

The highlight of the show was "Arc."  He used tape loops (editor: actually 
live loops) to create layered wordless vocals and the effect was 
jawdroppingly powerful.

Liam Finn opened (and joined EdVed for two songs).   He uses tape loops 
extensively, playing drums and electric guitar on the loops.  His music is 
lot more abrasive/noisy in regular live gig than on record or at an 
in-store.  While his voice and many of his songs are reminscent of his 
Enz/Crowded House/Finn Brothers lineage on record, he's a noisy indie 
live and would probably win over a lot of people who wouldn't think they'd 
like his music."