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Re: is there a Bidule-type program that can run on Ubuntu linux?

I'm not terribly familiar with Bidule, but after reading a description it looks as if it bears at least a passing resemblance to Max/MSP; If that's the case, pD may be right up your alley:


It, like most anything else you'd want, can be installed via Add / Remove programs or by using any other package manager.

And count me amongst those who would passionately disagree that Linux isn't for musicians - The low latency and interconnectivity provided by JACK alone is enough to make this a world-class platform. SooperLooper, Ardour, and Hydrogen are some of my favorite apps no matter the platform - It's only a bonus that they run at their best under Linux.

If you have any questions about making the leap, don't hesitate to contact me off-list.


On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 4:29 PM, Charlie Milkey <pilotcp@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi everyone!

I figure this is on the topic of looping, as Bidule is the environment I am planning on using on my hopefully-soon move to software looping--anyways, I was thinking instead on going through windows or mac for an operating system, I think it would be cool to have linux and make it a somewhat single-use computer and have it so it really only can run the modular audio environment and the VSTs that I have too.

anyways, I really like Bidule. I would love to use it on a linux computer and go from there--does anyone know if there is one like it that can run on Ubuntu Linux?
also, are VST OS-specific? i have a feeling they are, and that might make things a little more difficult than I expected!

Thanks for any advice!