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Re: Very OT: Zeitgeist, The Movie... WAS... Semi-OT: Int'l Travellers'Laptops Confiscated...

Mark Smart wrote:
>> They're talking seriously and from an engineer's POV about such
>> apparent facts as that not a single steel-frame skyscraper in history
>> has ever collapsed due to fire, even though many have burned much
>> hotter than the Twin Towers did, or could have if it was only a jet-
>> fuel fire.
> I was not aware of this. Where can I find information about these
> other skyscraper fires with no collapse? Were the fires as large as
> the ones at the WTC?

Hi Everyone,

Mark: I just found this searching google, but there are many sources 
besides FEMA for this claim:


This is a fascinating and also very sensitive and potentially divisive 
discussion. I have been interested in the many apparent coverups and the 
research that people have done to try to find answers to the many 
questions that have not been credibly addressed by the mainstream 
studies and analyses.

Due to my interest I have watched many videos exploring many sides to 
these issues. It can be very difficult to separate fact from fiction in 
these videos, but I believe that they point to a lot of important 

For instance I have seen video of people who were in the basement of one 
of the two main towers who said that bombs exploded in the basements of 
the buildings. There seem to be a number of eyewitnesses to this story.

I also have seen video that claims (based on interviews with NYC 
firefighters) that the firefighters in the buildings were saying that 
the fires were small and only confined to a few floors and that they 
would just need a few teams to get them put out quickly. That was just 
before the buildings came down in their own footprints in either 
freefall or very near freefall speeds.

I understand Occam's razor, but there are literally dozens to hundreds 
of very important questions that have some really scary potential 
answers in this affair. When you look honestly at the sheer volume of 
serious holes in the official theories, there is certainly plenty of 
room for other theories that might make more sense.

- Sam