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Re: Very OT: Zeitgeist, The Movie... WAS... Semi-OT: Int'lTravellers' Laptop...


  We desperately need awareness in this country (the U S and A), and 
can no longer be so naive as to say "it can't happen here".. it DID, 
folks, let's hope that the next administration can heal the wounds 
that this one inflicted on the world.



>Very OT for sure, and subject is labeled as such.
>More importantly, this film ties together threads of deception with 
>their intent - and the overall premise of controlling people for 
>profit is undeniable.  Timely, even...
>Manipulating the US population to support a military action based on 
>lies is only one of the tools employed by the criminals running this 
>country.  I personally found the film to be an important one and 
>think it should be discussed by all free-thinking people in the US 
>and elsewhere.   Thanks to the OP for the link.
>Dan Ash
>White Plains, NY
>Re: Very OT: Zeitgeist, The Movie... WAS... Semi-OT: Int'l 
>Travellers' Laptop...
>Sun, 3 Aug 2008 11:27:03 EDT
>All due respect, what does this have to do with music, looping or 
>anything else relevant to this group?  Having lived through 9/11, in 
>Manhattan, and watched the buildings as the north tower burned and 
>the south tower was hit, having had friends who died, friends who 
>had friends who died, clients who had large parts of their work 
>force decimated, and watched people moving about the City with that 
>death soot all over them, in a daze, I find this whole thing 
>offensive.  Criticize Bush & Company for being clueless, or worse, 
>but don't give them credit for coming up with this elaborate, insane 
>plan to kill their own people to justify some political agenda. 
>I've stayed out of this until now but I have to wonder, do you 
>conspiracy folk realize how insane this sounds?  Islamic fanatics 
>with a political and economic desire to take over the planet, "get 
>back" at the West and impose their version of reality on the rest of 
>the world did this.  Bush, and the government of the United States, 
>for all of the other issues you might rightly point to, did not do 
>this.  For pete's sake, would you please get back to the things that 
>bring us together and stop this divisive discussion?
>With all due respect,
>Harry Weinberg, Esq.
>Law Offices of Harry Weinberg
>11 Beach Street - 8th Floor
>New York, N.Y. 10013
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