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Re: laptop joystick footcontrol

hi art, here some info on my foot control:

it took me a while to build it, but it is not really hard to do.
the joystick chip comes readily prepared with a row of pins that build a 
matrix for the switching possibilities.
you can buy cables with little "shoes" on them that fit those pins, so you 
don't have to solder anything to the pins directly.
these cables just have to be connected to give a signal. almost any button 
can do that. go to an electronics shop and let them inspire you.

i put the controller into a little plastic box, put in some mono mini 
and a stereo jack for the expression pedal.
the hardest was the soldering job on the jacks. i built them into the box 
first and did the soldering inside the box.
that took me some time - but i can solder now, so that's fine.

when i built the box i wanted to have as many options to connect things as 
possible. having just a single button, or a pair, or six, whatever. next 
time i would probably look for a solution with just one thick cable going 
the switches and that's it. all these mini jack plugs are a bit overkill.

in the pc i use a little prog that's called midijoy, to convert the signal 
to midi.

i am really happy with the foot control via buttons - they have never 
when setting up i have to restart bidule or disconnect/connect the usb 
sometimes, but when it's up and running, it never crashes.

about the expression pedal: i have not found a way yet to use it in a 
satisfactory way. i tried to control track volume in mobius and got 
artifacts and stutters. my computer and esp. bidule programming knowledge 
not sufficient to work around this, if you should find a solution, let me 

all the best - tilmann

> That foot controller is very cool! How difficult was it to build? Did
> you run into any difficulties? What did you use for the foot switches?
> What expression pedal are you using and are you happy with it? Sorry
> to pepper you with questions, but I'm thinking seriously of trying my
> hand at build one.
> On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 8:33 AM, Tilmann Dehnhard <tilmann@dehnhard.com> 
> wrote:
>> when travelling i use a laptop setup.
>> here is a picture of my box w/switches:
>> http://www.dehnhard.com/picture
>> my electronic gear is 100 percent hand luggage now!
>> for controlling mobius (inside bidule) i have built a controller based 
>> this joystick control chip:
>> http://www.lbodnar.dsl.pipex.com/joystick/
>> well, it's sexy to have your whole gear in a bag you can carry on board.
>> and astonishingly security has NEVER asked what all these cables and 
>> buttons
>> are for. i guess the flute in the same bag gives it away...
>> but computers are risky.
>> once i had a virus the day before the gig (and i was in india and there 
>> was
>> no german windows recovery disc in sight...).
>> another time the laptop started to fire key commands at mobius randomly
>> about 20 min before the gig, probably due to high temperature and 
>> moisture.
>> i stopped that by getting rid of all key commands and go foot control 
>> only.
>> call me a pessimist, but i also expect my laptop to fall one day.
>> accidents happen and stages are not the safest places on earth - cables 
>> and
>> people and quick soundchecks...
>> as per suggested, i will get together a survival kit for travelling:
>> an identical harddrive with the whole music setup already installed, a
>> windows cd and a cd with all the progs i use.
>> keeping the fingers crossed - tilmann
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