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Re: Dear Andy, did I find a edp bug?

Dear Mark

Problems of this nature can be deeply troubling and confusing, and
you did quite the right thing in asking me about you 'little problem'.
First thing to point out is that there's no need to be ashamed, it
may seem that you're the only one in the world to have a problem with
inserts, but I can assure you that you are not alone, and 
many young people have the same troubles.
Of course, it's not easy to say how you should respond to your
friend the edp without knowing exactly what it's intentions are,
but might you might try tactfully suggesting that it might be fun
to try without using Quantise. 
It's possible that you were sustaining your insert so briefly that
the poor edp didn't have time to quantise, which would leave it
convinced that the insert was still happening. So, when you thought 
it was all over, and touched it's record it only then thought the 
insert was over, and so wanted to keep playing.

yours sincerely 
Agony Andy

that's essentially my only explanation of how it could be that
Record didn't wipe the loop.
If you're not using quantise then I have no idea, and will do some
checks to find out what's going on.
Right now I don't have SUSUnroundInsert programmed into my midi controller
for a quick check.

The behaviour I describe here is kind of a bug, something that I found
in beta testing.
The SUS functions don't always work well with Quantise, because if you 
the switch before the function actually starts the Note-Off is simply 
This is actually fixed if you access SUS functions from the actual Insert
button (even by Midi), but somehow the fix never got applied to the direct
midi SUS functions.

There's lot's of things to be done with SUSUnroundInsert, although it tends
towards the more experimental side of things. I like to gradually build up
a long loop of connected fragments sometimes...kind of spiralling outwards
like a spider web.

If you use InsertMode=SUS then you have a way of using SUSUnroundInsert 
Quantise, and then special "bug fix" that I worked out (and Matthias 
 for when the switch is release before the function starts. With Quant=CYC 
lets you gradually add equal sized bits into the loop.
(I do this in a piece called "Tripwire" which is on my cd and available
also on the mp3 page on my site)



mark francombe wrote:
> Dear Andy, did I find a edp bug?
> Try this (geez i hope its not my machine)
> With one pedal programmed to be the ludicrous SUSUNrounded Insert ( +29)
> Make a record, overdub, play, whatever, use the SUSUNroundedInsert  
> button if you like.. THEN Stop, As in LONG PRESS of Record... Shouldnt 
> that wipe that loop memory?
> OK NOW PRESS SUSUNrounded Insert button again? Does it play now? Why? Is 
> it meant to...?
> m.
> Is this mode only for multiplying out a very short snip by insert 
> lengths? Does it have a Use in a long cycle?
> -- 
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