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Re: Looping Dilemna 2

Aaron Austin wrote:
> I am synced out to a drum machine and so when i do a phrase then press 
> the 2nd record the drums come in with me but if i loop a long phrase it 
> makes the tempo REALLY SLOW. How can i loop more than a one bar phrase 
> without the ehoplex trying to sync at a tempo like twenty do i HAVE to 
> set the one bar and then multiply?

that would fix it

 Or is it all in my Qauntize/8thscycle 
> setting?

that would also seem like a fix, you could give it a go,
just work out how many beats in your loop.

...but if your timing isn't totally metronomic throughout the loop
the drums won't be in time for all of it.

Another option


Hit Record
Play first bar
Hit Insert
Play the rest of the loop.
Hit Insert

andy butler