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Re: Very OT: Zeitgeist, The Movie... WAS... Semi-OT: Int'lTravellers' Laptops Confiscated...

I have an alternative theory to present:

In 1993 an attempt was made to tip over the WTC building via a truck 
bomb in the corner of the parking garage.

This attack was primitive and ineffective largely because the bombers 
were ignorant of the building's design.

The "powers that be" were suddenly faced with the real possibility 
that there may be a situation where the buildings could become 
unstable if they were damaged due to fire or bombing or whatever and 
cause unspeakable collateral damage to lower Manhattan.

The buildings were therefor prewired for controlled demolition 
sometime over the following 18 years and the decision was made to 
implode them after the planes hit in September 2001.

The "official" explanation (i.e. jet fuel caused the colapse) is 
preposterous, as is the attept to blame the collase of WTC #7 on 
"raging fires".

-Chuck Zwicky

>  > They're talking seriously and from an engineer's POV about such
>>  apparent facts as that not a single steel-frame skyscraper in history
>>  has ever collapsed due to fire, even though many have burned much
>>  hotter than the Twin Towers did, or could have if it was only a jet-
>>  fuel fire.
>I was not aware of this. Where can I find information about these
>other skyscraper fires with no collapse? Were the fires as large as
>the ones at the WTC?
>Mark Smart